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Books, Writing, History, and Me

In “Books, Writing, History, and Me” I share my thoughts on travel, cooking, van-life, books, the process of writing, the experiences of an indie-publisher, WWII, the Holocaust, and anything else I feel might be of interest to readers of my books. Please send me comments and let me know what you like and what you want to know more about. Everything in this blog reflects my personal ideas and feelings–a memoir of sorts, it is my perspective and any errors or omissions are mine.

An Indie-author’s Quest for Book Reviews

As an indie-author/publisher, my work does not stop when a book is released. Unlike 4 years ago when I launched Immigrant Soldier, 2020, with its Covid-19 shut-downs, has made live visits to bookstores, libraries, and book groups impossible.  These days, my publicity efforts must center on social media and gathering book reviews. Getting reviews is (and always has been) an integral part of publicity. However large media outlets and prestigious journals still practice a kind of “book snobbery.” They seldom review books that are independently published. What’s an Indie-author to do? The process of getting reviews is far different than it was only a few years ago. The big journals, most of which now also have an on-line presence, (Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Foreword Reviews and the book sections of major newspapers like The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times) still attract librarians, publishers, bookstore [...]

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Maps for a Travel Memoir

From the very beginning, I knew Wherever the Road Leads needed maps.  Once the early manuscript draft was sent to Beta Readers for feedback, I filled the waiting time working on the seven maps I envisioned.   I wanted them to show the journey’s route, major stops along the way, and display a few small drawings. […]

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Readers Can Help Get the Word Out

Trying to launch a new book during the Covid-19 Pandemic calls for special tactics.   Normally, I would be setting up in-person author visits at bookstores and giving presentations and talks at libraries and to book groups.  Now, with personal appearances impossible, I’m trying to figure out new, digital ways to let readers know about my upcoming memoir, Wherever the Road Leads. I am in the midst of planning a fun, virtual Webinar-style launch party for the first week of December and I’m turning to you, my friends and readers, to ask a favor. Yes, you can help!   I’ve put together a list of ways you can help get the word out about my new book.  I hope you will find something that fits your time and interests. Just a few minutes on line is all some of these suggestions will take—anything you can do will be appreciated. Of course, if [...]

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Book Release in the Time of Covid

The summer of 2020 will stand out in history as the summer of Covid-19 – a time to avoid crowds at the beach and the amusement park, a summer when airports are more dangerous than sky-diving, and days of longing to gather with friends and family. The summer solstice has come and gone. But for most of us, at least in the US, July 4th Independence Day marks the beginning of full-on, serious vacation season. 2020 will be the summer of staycations. Those of us who have a pleasant patio, a comfortable lounge chair, and a good book will be the winners during this  stay-at-home summer. […]

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