Caitlin Easy-Reader Series

Caitlin has spent many summers at Camp Whispering Pines and knows her way around. Her mother is the camp life-guard and back-packing expert. Caitlin knows all the adult counselors and the regular campers. Her camp adventures and challenges teach her to work hard for a goal, how to be a good friend, and how to beat boredom. The outdoor, summer camp setting is fun for young readers, especially those who already enjoy camp or who will be going for the first time.

Tagalong Caitlin
Caitlin has spent every summer she can remember at camp with her mom, who is a counselor. This summer, she wants to join the difficult, three-day hike with the older girls. But Caitlin’s mom says she’s not old enough yet. Caitlin is determined to change her mom’s mind and prove she is strong enough for the hike. Will Caitlin be allowed to go on the overnight hike? And if so, will she be able to do the full three days?

Tagalong Caitlin is a fun read-aloud book for younger children and is easily read by children ages 7 and up. It was awarded 2nd prize in the Children’s category of the Mill City Press Author Awards for 2017.

NIEA FinalistCaitlin’s Buddy
First-time campers can be a lot of trouble! Caitlin agrees to be the buddy of a new camper who doesn’t know how to do anything. Misha trips over tent stakes, cries herself to sleep, and hides food in her backpack. But she has lots of good ideas. Then, after a campfire, Misha runs off into the dark night and Caitlin follows to stop her. Will Caitlin be able to forgive Misha for getting them lost? Will the two girls only be temporary tentmates or friends forever?

readersfavoriteCaitlin’s Buddy is a fun read for children, especially girls who will go to sleep-away camp for the first time. They will enjoy the feeling of taking part in summer camp adventures and sharing the ups and downs of new friendships.

Caitlin’s Party
All the campers have gone home and seven-year-old Caitlin is the only kid still at Camp Whispering Pines. Her mother and the other counselors are busy working to close camp for the winter. Caitlin has finished her chores and now she is bored. She wishes they could have an end of summer party, but she knows the adults are always tired after a long day of working. Caitlin decides she will plan the party herself. She asks Cookie to make a cake and sets off to help the other adults with their chores.  As Caitlin walks around camp and helps the adult counselors with their work, readers will learn what it takes to close down a camp for the winter. Will Caitlin be able to convince the adults to come to her party?  And if so, will it be a success?

Caitlin’s Party is a story of a young girl’s determination and her friendship with adults. The many black and white illustrations show Caitlin’s activities and help readers understand a game of charades. Special fun is added by a raccoon family who lives at the camp.

About the Illustrator
Ron Whitacre is a professional sculptor first and foremost. Most of the time, he creates wonderfully evocative work in welded steel. But he also loves to draw.  His illustrations for Tagalong Caitlin and Caitlin’s Buddy are rendered in pen and ink and pencil. They include full-page illustrations, half-page pictures, and many small vignettes scattered throughout. Ron’s charming animal mascots (raccoons, squirrels, and lizards) greet the reader at the start of each chapter, giving one more reason to keep turning the pages.

lizard on stick

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Tagalong Caitlin is about growing up; about setting a goal and working to get there, and about sticking to it when the going gets tough. Young readers will love the outdoor setting and enjoy Caitlin’s “can-do” attitude as she tries to become just like the other campers. ” – Marion Coste, award winning author of seven children’s books.

Caitlin’s Buddy by Katie Lang-Slattery is a story about friendship, teamwork, and experiencing new things. The story has action and adventure which will pull young readers into the story and make them want to go on a camping adventure. The author’s narration is vivid and detailed and makes the scenes and moments in the story tangible, real, and relatable. Ron Whitacre’s black and white sketches are wonderful and they help readers connect with the characters and the scenes. Whether it is cooking outdoors or enjoying the camp fun, the story will bring a smile to the faces of readers and encourage them to be part of a camping adventure. The characters are lovable and adorable, and the author’s fluidity in expression gives the story good pace and movement. It is fun watching Caitlin teach her new buddy, Misha, the camping rules. It is a book all children will enjoy reading and can be kept in libraries and homes for young readers to experience the fun of camping and the adventures that happen.” Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

“Caitlyn has spent a lot of summers at camp and knows her way around. She and new camper Misha are assigned to the most rustic area where campers sleep in tents and cook over an open fire. Caitlyn’s Buddy describes fun camping activities, outdoor cooking, and the growing friendship of two very different girls. As the days pass, Misha learns the importance of teamwork and Caitlyn realizes everyone has something special to contribute. Young readers will enjoy the feeling of taking part in summer camp adventures and sharing the ups and downs of new friendships.” Marion Coste, award winning author of seven children’s books.

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