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Wherever the Road Leads Book Cover

A wedding, a VW microbus, and two years on the road. A pair of newlyweds (an artist and an engineer) meet the rigors of travel and the ups and downs of married life in a Volkswagen microbus that continually needs repair. Surrounded by exotic backdrops and beset by travel and mechanical difficulties in a world before computers and cell phones, Tom and Katie drive almost 40,000 miles across four continents. Will their relationship thrive or will it crumble under the pressure of living together 24/7 in a van? Pen-and-ink drawings by the author, photos, and route maps illustrate this exciting adventure.

Wherever the Road Leads, A Memoir of Love, Travel, and a Van
is currently available for purchase as an E-BOOK, Paperback and hardcover editions.

Wherever the Road Leads has earned several AWARDS including:

  • B.R.A.G.  Medallion Honoree
  • The US Review of Books, recommended review. To read it on their web-site, follow this link.
  • Silver Medal, Travel category, Benjamin Franklin Awards, Independent Book Publishers Association
  • The Da Vinci Eye Finalist, The Eric Hoffer Book Award
Book Readers Appreciation Group (BRAG) Medallion Sticker
US Review of Books Recommended badge
Benjamin Franklin Silver Award Seal
Da Vinci Eye Finalist Seal

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