Tagalong Caitlin


She has spent every summer she can remember at camp with her mom, who is a counselor. This summer, Caitlin wants to join the difficult, three-day hike with the older girls. But Caitlin’s mom says she’s not old enough yet. Caitlin is determined to change her mom’s mind and prove she is strong enough for the hike. Will Caitlin be allowed to go on the overnight hike? And if so, will she be able to do the full three days?

Tagalong Caitlin has been awarded 2nd prize in the Children's category of the Mill City Press Author Awards for 2017.


About the Illustrator
CaitlinHikingRon Whitacre is a professional sculptor first and foremost. Most of the time, he creates wonderfully evocative work in welded steel. But he is also a talented draftsman. He began by drawing caricatures as a child and soon progressed to oil painting. RWlizardHis illustrations for Tagalong Caitlin are a delightful selection of drawings rendered in pen and ink and pencil. They include four full-page illustrations, one half-page picture, and more than a dozen small vignettes scattered throughout. Most delightfully, a charming lizard, meant to be one of the vignettes, developed a personality and he became a kind of mascot. This active lizard greets the reader at the start of each chapter, giving one more reason to turn the pages.

"Tagalong Caitlin"is available for purchase on Amazon.com